We are Wigans premium fast property buyers. If you need to sell your house quickly then we guarantee to say "YES" to buying your home quickly today,

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"We sold our house fast to Sell House Now in 2013 and achieved a 90% asking price and was sold in under 2 weeks" - Mrs Harrow - Wigan"

We have been buying property for cash for over 11 years in Wigan and now can purchase any type of property fast within the Northwest of England. In 2013 we purchased 153 homes quickly from local residents who required a fast and reliable property sale. Over 120 of these properties we bought using our own cash funds. We are regulated by the FCA and have over 11 years direct experience with selling and buying houses fast within the region and as part of the homebuyer team at Ask Susan. More recently in 2015 we joined up a national estate agency which gives us greater property buying power and greater cash funds to buy more houses througout the UK and beyond.