How to sell your house fast locally in Wigan

The housing market locally has been pretty slow for the past 12 months and shows no signs of any real improvement. Many of of estate agency friends are telling us that it has been taking on average between 3 – 6 months to sell a property. They gone on to say that the properties that are selling are correctly priced and that they are in good condition – the types of houses that a couple of years ago would be sold within the week. They go on to say further more that properties that arent so desirable or need work or modernisation are taking even longer to sell or wont sell at all!

If you are struggling to sell your house quickly, and you need an urgent cash house sale then please contact us today. We have cash funds waiting to buy any type of house quickly in a cash only sale. We have been buying property locally for many years and understand what it takes to sell a house fast within 21 days or we’ll pay you £300.

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